Brookfield Christian Reformed Church

In the World

Jesus said, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Matt. 28:19; Acts 1:8). We recognize that such witnessing is our individual Christian responsibility wherever God has placed us. But we also have a united (corporate) task to tell the world about Jesus.

Our local churches are an obvious place to work together in missions. Besides inviting people to scheduled worship services, most Christian Reformed congregations have other organized efforts to bring the gospel in word and deed to their communities.

Christian Reformed churches also work together in denominational missions. The Board of Home Missions administers an ambitious program of church planting and outreach in Canada and the United States. The Board of World Ministries, composed of the Christian Reformed World Missions Committee and World Renew (formerly Christian Reformed World Relief Committee), circles the globe with its work—ministering to both spiritual and physical needs. The Back to God Hour is our radio and television ministry, communicating the gospel throughout the world in multiple languages. All this work is supported by the generous giving, interest, prayers, and encouragement of our church people.

In addition, Christian Reformed people have joined others in supporting Christian hospitals, health care centers, agencies to help the disabled, and Bible and tract distribution.

From the beginning of its history the Christian Reformed Church has encouraged its people to establish and support Christian day schools. The reason lies in our understanding that a person can’t be divided into a secular part and a sacred church-concerned part. We are whole persons, and our whole selves must be brought under the authority of God’s Word. Our church people, often in cooperation with other like-minded Christians, have established good quality Christian schools from kindergartens to colleges.

That same comprehensive view motivates a number of Christian Reformed people to bring God’s Word into the political, economic, and social arenas. We treasure the vision of a world over which we speak Christ’s words, “It is mine.”

Our sense of mission is rooted in obedience—it is Christ’s will that we reach the world with the gospel of God’s love. Our sense of mission is also rooted in compassion—we want to touch the aching wounds of a sinful world, to say, “Jesus saves!” And our sense of mission is rooted in our dissatisfaction—we are not complete: we need others to share our joy.

That’s why we introduce ourselves—to explain who we are in the hope that others will join us in the joy of being Christ’s church.