Brookfield Christian Reformed Church

Pastor’s Notes

Pastor Peter VerhulstWhat’s in a Name? The truth is, you have many choices for places to worship on a Sunday morning. Here are some things to consider when choosing:

Brookfield: Location is important. Not in the sense of buying real estate, but in the sense of involvement. When looking for a church, check out your local area first. Involvement in a church means more than just Sundays. There may be Bible studies available on Monday evenings, or Youth Groups for teens on Wednesdays, or Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) on Tuesday mornings. Consider how often you may want or need to be at the church. If the drive will prohibit your involvement, consider finding a church closer to your home. Furthermore, attending church with your neighbors and forming neighborhood Bible studies and living out your faith with people nearby is also incredibly important when it comes to being a community. When considering a church, consider location!

Christian: This is the most important part of considering a place of worship. Is it Christian? Is Jesus Christ proclaimed as the Son of God, the only Savior from sin, and the gracious Leader of our lives? Too many churches today downplay the role of Jesus. There is no hope without Jesus!

Reformed: Here we get into denominations. The most important thing about a church is the word above, “Christian.” Most Christian churches espouse the Apostles’ Creed or the Nicene Creed. Look for evidence of one of those creeds. But even Christian churches come in many different flavors: Baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Anglican, Catholic, Reformed—just to name a few. Each of these churches has its own history and has been shaped by certain doctrinal teachings and disputes over time. Some churches try to do away with those identity markers and call themselves “non-denominational.” In my opinion, it doesn’t really work. When choosing a church, it’s important to spend a little time sharpening your Denominational-IQ. If you’d like to learn more about what believe, check out Our World Belongs to God, The Heidelberg Catechism, and The Belgic Confession. These will give you a taste of the Reformed faith. But whatever church you choose, make sure you take a good look under the hood before you buy.

Church: Finally, the church is not so much a place, a building, or even an institution as it is a people. When searching for a church, get to know the people. Do they show evidence of Jesus being at the center of their lives? Are they loving? Genuine? Authentic? Are they joyful? Are they the kinds of people you want your children to have as examples for their lives? Do they reflect in any way a diversity of age, culture, and race that could not exist apart from the reconciliation of Christ? When considering a church, consider the people!

With this in mind, you are invited to join us anytime at Brookfield CRC. If you are looking for a church in the City of Milwaukee, consider visiting our church plant, City Reformed Church. We look forward to meeting you!